December 4, 2021


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Warning Signs of Drug Usage Amongst Young Adults

Many people fail to recognize the warningRead in Urdu signs of
excessive drug usage in teens and young adults,
which can eventually lead towards drug addiction. 

Warning Signs of Drug Usage Amongst Young Adults

Neal Nordinger, a resident of Washington in the U.S.A can vividly recall the harrowing ordeal of when he first got to know about his twenty one year old son’s addiction to prescription drugs. Neal was understandably shocked when his son, who was a sophomore in college at the time, confessed to his mother about his problem. He had always looked at his son as a smart, loving and sociable individual who was brimming with life. He could only envision a bright future for his son and seeing him caught up in the problem of addiction was something that he was not prepared for. Neal not only felt anger at his son for not being forthcoming with him about the issues that he was facing, but also felt a severe sense of guilt for not being able to recognize the problem on his own.

Many parent’s such as Neal can be completely oblivious to their children’s drug and alcohol usage which can result in a deterioration of the problem. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has highlighted certain warning signs that provide an indication of whether teen or young adults are engaged in excessive drug usage. These common signs include:

  • Changing peer groups
  • Negligence in self-grooming
  • Sudden decline in academic performance
  • A loss of interest in activities that were previously considered enjoyable
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • A deterioration in the relationship with family members

Though one would believe that such drastic changes in a person’s behavior would be quite evident and easy to identify, a lot of parent’s such as Neal, can fail to interpret these signs as a cause of major alarm. Many parents go into a state of self-imposed ignorance where they let their denial restrict them from becoming aware of things that they do not want to know.       

Neal’s story had a happy ending, as his son was able to follow the path to recovery and eventually regain functionality in his social and occupational domains. However many parent’s fail to recognize the warning signs of excessive drug usage before it goes out of their control.