December 4, 2021


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Rise of Illegal Drug Usage in Pakistan

The increase in illegal drug consumptionRead in Urdu has
risen, especially amongst the youth in Pakistan.

Rise of Illegal Drug Usage in Pakistan

In recent years the number of individuals consuming drugs within Pakistan has risen astronomically. Studies indicate that 6.7 million individuals in Pakistan, which constitutes 6 percent of the country’s total population, are engaged in drug usage. Out of these people, 78 percent are men while the remaining 22 percent is composed up of women. While the men show an insistence upon the consumption of opiates and cannabis, the women tend to abuse prescription drugs. Intravenous intake is a common method of administration as an estimated 430,000 people in Pakistan were found to be injecting drugs. It was also determined that the age of the majority of the drug users in the country lies between 25 and 39 years. The numbers indicate that the youth in Pakistan has become increasingly susceptible to drug usage.

The head of community medicine at CMH Lahore Medical College stated that the easy availability of drugs is one of the major factors that is contributing to the rise in the number of drug addicts. Amongst other important factors that lead towards drug abuse include peer pressure, mood disturbances, social isolation, unemployment, lack of supervision, weak religious beliefs and the desire for experimentation. Researches have indicated that people who start smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol at a young age are much more vulnerable to experimenting with illegal drugs in later years.

Source: The News