December 4, 2021


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Perils of Tobacco Usage in Adolescents

Tobacco usage amongst adolescents should beRead-in-Urdu
dealt with same urgency as drugs or alcohol

     Research conducted at the University of Georgia has indicated that treatment programs for substance addiction that focus on alcohol and illegal drug dependence, are not being used to address the problem of cigarette smoking. The researchers state that tobacco intake does not have the same social stigma attached to it that alcohol or other serious forms of drugs have. However, tobacco is responsible for altering the brain chemistry of an individual and making them crave for their drug of choice, which is why it is imperative to quit the tobacco habit along with consumption of other drugs. Tobacco is indeed a drug much like the rest of the illegal varieties, and hence its treatment needs to be initiated with the same urgency. Relapse during the recovery process becomes less likely if people’s addiction to nicotine is treated as well.

Perils of Tobacco Usage in Adolescents 01

     Tobacco usage is a health concern that typically begins during early adolescence and then persists throughout a person’s lifespan. In America, an estimated 2.6 million adolescents are embroiled in cigarette smoking and 3.3 million people use other forms of tobacco products. Many substance abuse centers for adolescents employ treatment procedures that focus specifically upon the cessation of cigarette smoking. The researchers posit that treatment for addiction can become more effective, if tobacco cessation programs are given due importance.

Source: Journal of Adolescent Health