December 4, 2021


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Drugs, more lethal than Terrorism in Pakistan

Over 7 million drug users in Pakistan currentlyRead in Urdu

Recently in a meeting with the Narcotics Control and The Senate Committee, an astonishing picture of the country came to light notifying that the number of drug addicts in Pakistan has risen up to an astounding 7 million.  Major Gen. Khawar Hanif stated that out of the 7 million, three million used medications without proper prescriptions which are generally used in treatment.

Drugs, more lethal than Terrorism in Pakistan Article

He also stated that deaths caused by substance abuse are greater in number than terrorism related deaths. In previous years almost 700 deaths each day have been recorded due to drug use, while deaths due to terrorism have only been a minority of 39 every day.

In the meeting, the committee was briefed that since 2011, Pakistan has been announced a “poppy-free” country but in Afghanistan the poppy cultivated areas has grown from 7,000 hectors to a surprisingly abundant 225,000 hectors.

The General stated that Saudi Arabia has been helpful in providing drug scanners which have been installed at the Wagha border and China has also being approached for related equipments. He mentioned that this year, 106 drug gangs, out of which 13 were international, were busted and drugs worth Rs 550 million were confiscated and around 344 people were prosecuted.

Committee chief of the Senate, Rehman Malik expressed concern that television media must commit 0.5% of air time for the awareness regarding the increasing number of drug use and distribution in the country.

Source: Dawn News