December 4, 2021


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“No Smoking”: Guide to Recovering Alcoholics

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Recovering Alcoholics Remain Sober

“No Smoking” Guide to Recovering Alcoholics

Latest studies by Columbia University (September, 2015) suggested that recovering alcoholics are more likely to maintain their sober state by quitting smoking altogether. According to the research, smokers are twice more likely to fall back into drinking as compared to non-smokers.

The lead author of the research, Goodwin (Columbia University) stated that, “Quitting smoking will improve anyone’s health. But our study shows that giving up cigarettes is even more important for adults in recovery from alcohol since it will help them stay sober.”

The research involved 35,000 recovering alcoholics who were assessed twice over the periods of three years. Participants’ moods, nicotine dependence, anxiety and drug use were also taken into account by the analysts.

Most alcoholics have also been reported to be intense smokers but in most alcohol or drug abuse programs, termination of smoking is not considered a vital part of the treatment.

The author states that it is a difficult task to ask the patients to quit smoking and drinking simultaneously. She also added that quitting smoking might not provide long term results in staying sober for recovering alcoholics, but in accordance to some previous studies it might be advisable, as there has been found strong brain chemical and behavioral link between smoking and drinking.

Source: Columbia University