December 4, 2021


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Addiction and Bipolar

About 60% of bipolar individuals alsoRead-in-Urdu
suffer from drug abuse disorder.

     Many stories can be found all over media about individuals with bipolar disorders consuming drugs to calm themselves.  Jefferey, a 32 year old successful Hollywood writer, tells his story about his struggle with addiction and substance dependence since the age of 13. He had a booming career until his excess use of cocain, alcohol and prescription medication led him to two sentences for driving under drug influence. After receiving the ‘dual diagnoses’ of bipolar and drug abuse disorder, Jefferey’s previous life and unexplainable mood swings seemed to make more sense.

Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

     Individuals with bipolar disorders usually have various manic depressive episodes. At one point they might seem in complete depression while the next instance they appear euphoric with poor decision making abilities. Recent studies have suggested that 38% patients with bipolar I and 19% with bipolar II meet the criteria for alcohol dependence.

     Substance abuse patients with a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorders usually show poor compliance, frequent and longer mood episodes, more hospitalization than others and most frequent suicide attempts. One common reason why substance abuse disorder is prevalent among bipolar patients might be the high rates of substance usage for mood regulation.

     According to a research by Stanely Foundation Bipolar Network, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and PTSD are high in patients with Bipolar Disorder with co-occurring substance abuse disorder.