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ADHD and Social Relationships

Children with ADHD experience more problems in socializing with peers due to attention deficits and limited understanding, which get better as they grow ...

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Development of Bipolar Disorder

Understanding sub-threshold manic episode is fundamental to detecting bipolar disorder in children of parents with bipolar disorder. It’s not essential that ...

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Anger and Emotional Brain

It has proved through neuro-imaging studies that frontal limbic regions of the brain regulate emotions.      It has proved through neuro-imaging studies that frontal ...

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Transition of Cannabis Use from Adolescence to Adulthood

Adolescent marijuana users exhibit worse cannabis-related effects on learning and memory than adult users.      Supporting cannabis legalization has become trendy and ...

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Nicotine Addiction as Brain Mechanism

Influence of negative reward of brain region that prevents quitting smoking      Nicotine addiction is linked with potential health risks and ...

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