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Smoking and Unemployment

Smoking individuals found to be more prone to unemployment as compared to individuals who don’t smoke.     Smoking is not only injurious ...

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Meditation: Substitute to Opioids

Meditation an effective way to reduce pain and in combination with medication can result more effective without producing any addictive side ...

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Maladaptive decision in Alcohol use disorder

People with an alcohol use disorder are more vulnerable to poor decision making known as the tendency to ‘Jump the gun’ People who have ...

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Stress, A Major Contributor among Bipolar Patients

People who have bipolar disorder having either low or high level of cortisol are found depressed double the amount as compared to people with ...

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Anxious People Better off at Handling Danger

Human brain is proficient enough of spotting the social threat automatically in a very fast and quick way as swift ...

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Childhood Poverty and Depression

Researches revealed that weak brain connections in poor children leads them to higher risk of clinical depression and other psychiatric ...

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