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Challenges Posed by Crystal Meth

Five years ago, crystal meth was a local problem in Germany along the Czech and Polish borders, but now that drug ...

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People with schizophrenia more than 21 million  worldwide are likely to have fewer gray matter and fewer connections in their brain than ...

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Bipolar Disorder & Child Abuse

People with bipolar disorder who have history of being harmed or mistreated in their childhood may have more severe symptoms and a higher ...

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Bipolar Disorder and Teenagers

Teenagers with bipolar disorder have an ongoing combination of extremely high (manic) and low (depressed) moods. If one or both parents have bipolar disorder, ...

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Prescribed Stimulants and ADHD

Stimulants are effective medications for ADHD, but they may not be suitable for every child with attention problems,” Uher said.      It ...

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Smoking Addiction and Tobacco Control goal

E-cigarettes harm and disturb the Goal of Tobacco Harm Decline as the War between tobacco and e-cigarettes is going on.      The goal of ...

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Proneness of Narcotic Painkiller Addiction

A Recent study Suggest that People with the History of Abusing Drugs or smoking are at highest risk of long-term use of Painkillers     ...

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