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Cigarettes are assumed to be used for weight loss in teenagers

Teenagers not only smoke cigarettes for nicotine dependence but also to lose weight.      It is generally perceived that nicotine dependence ...

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Preventive measures in early childhood to avoid potential drug abuse in adolescence

Early childhood is the crucial time to take preventive measures against potential substance abuse in adolescence.      Recent studies suggest that ...

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Childhood Abuse and Subsequent Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Childhood adversities trigger the development of major mental illnesses particularly bipolar disorder.      Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which is ...

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Rise in Hospital Admissions Due to Alcohol-Related Problems

Over the past nine years, the ratio of patient visiting the emergency wards due to alcohol -specific complicationshas doubled in England      A recent study ...

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Alcohol can play Havoc with people at their 40s

Seven areas of human body functioning are directly affected by alcohol consumption      A recent study conducted in London has revealed ...

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Affluent Teens are Susceptible to Develop Alcohol-Related Issues

Adolescents with upper-middle socioeconomic class tend to get exposed to alcohol at an early age with greater risk to develop alcohol-related problems later ...

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