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Illusion about Moderate Drinking

It is stated previously that moderate drinking is beneficial but moderate word is not clearlydefined and is cause ...

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Chronic Stress, Brain Irritation and Memory Damage

People who experience chronic stress due to bullying or a tough job also run a higher risk of memory loss. Researches investigated the ...

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Recreational Marijuana and Impulsivity in Daily Life

Results showed that marijuana use was correlated with increased impulsivity on the day of use and the following day. Despite high levels of marijuana ...

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Cocaine Spur Destruction of Brain Cells

The study shows that cocaine triggers death of neurons in the brains by sending a cell waste-disposal process called autophagy ...

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Over Dose of Drugs: Hitting high

Taking painkillers and other drug usage is observed increasing among drug users and leading cause of deaths.      One report indicated that ...

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Marijuana Smoking causes Brain Damages

Brain damages are being seen in high consumptionof marijuana smoking and damages the white matter of brain.      People who are smoking ...

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