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دہشت گرد تنظیم داعش کے خلاف جنگ ختم ہو چکی

Courtesy: اردو پوانٹ دمشق ۔ خانہ جنگی کے شکار ملک شام میں بشارالاسد کی حکومت نے مطالبہ کیا ہے کہ ...

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Scientific Researches and Drug Addiction

Scientific researchers developed understanding of drug addiction that made its prevention and treatment easy.          In past decades, drug abuse ...

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Cannabis Affects Emotional Processing

Individual brain ability to process emotion efficiently reduce after taking cannabis.          Recent research on cannabis use published ...

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Rejection due to heavy weight

Individuals with heavy weight expect negative evaluation from opposite gender which makes their self esteem low and increases stress level.      Researchers studied ...

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Crystal Meth Effects on Brain and Body

Excessive Use of Crystal Meth Leads to Addiction That Destruct Individual’s Physical and Mental Health. The substance named Methamphetamine look like a white, ...

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Psychological Wellbeing and Healthy Life Style

Improvement in mental health and well-being is necessary to promote better life style, by having sound sleep and healthy diet.   Mental health is ...

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Repeated Traumatic Experiences Increases Risk of Psychosis

Prevalence of psychosis at the age of adulthood due to repeated traumatic experiences in infancy and adolescence In University of Granada (UGR), a research conducted ...

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Economic Calamity and Alcohol Use

With the rise of economic calamity, the use of alcohol was increased in workers to reduce their stress of work.      Life stressors such ...

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