The excessive use of internet can disturb the Read-in-Urdu
overall functioning and mental health.

    Internet Addiction causes mental health issues

    The use to internet has increased a lot in the past few years. Access to internet is not a problem for anyone now days but with the benefits we get from it. It has also started to show the negative effects on our lives.

    A new study has come up with the finding that people who spend significant amount of time on internet also suffers from different psychiatric problems. The research was done in Canada and 254 students participated in the research. The tool used to assess internet addiction was Internet Addiction Test (IAT) and the new scale developed by the researchers.

With the new screening tool used by the researchers, 33 students met criteria for internet addiction, and 107 for problematic internet use. The participants were also assessed for mental health, including signs of impulsiveness, depression, anxiety and stress.

Results showed that most of those with internet addiction had trouble controlling their use of video streaming and social networking sites as well as instant messaging tools. They also faced trouble handling their daily routines and higher rates of anxiety, depression, impulsiveness and inattention. Furthermore they also had problems with planning and time management.

Source: Webmd