people having bipolar disorder despiteRead-in-Urdu
of having Low IQ are able to achieve
higher education.

    Bipolar Disorder and Higher Education

It is not a new notion that people who are smart enough are more likely diagnosed with mental illness. Plenty of researches has been done to find the link between intelligence and different psychological disorders like anxiety, depression and other related disorders. It was seen that many of the famous creative people from the history suffered from bipolar disorder. To find the connection between intelligence, creativity and education a study including 494 bipolar disorder patients and 952 patients having schizophrenia against 1104 healthy controls and 100 of their siblings were examined. The results revealed that despite having low IQs Bipolar disorder patients were more likely to have the highest level of education in comparison to the other group. Schizophrenia patients had lower IQs and educational levels than controls. Although Bipolar disorder I and schizophrenia patients had similar IQ levels, but bipolar disorder I patients had the highest educational levels. Even the relatives of the bipolar also did not demonstrated superior education so it can be concluded that high education performance was a distinct feature of bipolar disorder patients.

Source: Medical Daily