Anger is basically the result of poor interpretation Read-in-Urdu
of the social cues which results in such outbursts.

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    One of the serotype attached with anger is that they have bad impulse control. We usually think that they haven’t slept and because of this restlessness they start screaming. Research has shown that they don’t became angry because they can’t hold in their feelings, but because of poor social processing this leads them to them think that your sleep comment was actually your attack on them telling them they’re completely incompetent.

    Study conducted in University of Chicago studied fMRI of the people having anger issues and other psychiatric disorders. They came up with the findings that people having anger issues have less dense white matter in an area called superior longitudinal in comparison with the people having other psychiatric disorders. The SLF area is the “information superhighway” that connects frontal lobe with parietal lobe. Frontal lobe is responsible for decision making and processing of emotions on the other hand parietal lobe processes sensory output, as well as language.
These results means that people having anger issues misinterpret social behavior and precise others behavior as negative when in actual it is not. They misunderstand the situation and misread cues like body language, which leads them to explode.

Source: Gizmodo