Early childhood traumatic experiences can Read-in-Urdu
increases the risk for drug use in the adolescence.

    Childhood Trauma Linked to Drug Use

    A latest research has shown that traumas experienced in childhood before age 11 increased the risks that teens would try marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs without any medical reason, other drugs, and multiple drugs. The research also showed that a greater number of traumatic experiences were associated with an increase in risk for use of marijuana and other related drugs. Trauma, abuse and domestic violence particularly affected the children and increased the risk. Traumas that could really affect the child include natural disasters, any major illness or car accidents.

    Children whose parents misuse drugs can act as role models for the children and they can learn that drugs sever as coping against stress. Parental drug use also increases the risk for biological predisposition. The use of the drugs in early adolescence can further increase the risks for more psychological and physical problems in adulthood. Treatment programs that specifically address traumatic memories and coping strategies for dealing with stressful life events can help in the management of such problems. The psychological harm created by such experiences needs proper attention at early stages and this could lead to broader health benefits and improved quality of life in adults.

Source: Science Daily