Media is big source of influencing the behaviorsRead-in-Urdu
of young people. Therefore, to reduce the tobacco
and alcohol use, it must be prohibited in media.

On Screen Tobacco and Alcohol Use

     Previous research has shown that exposure to on-screen tobacco use promotes smoking in young people. James Thrasher, senior researcher said: “Our study found that the presence of tobacco and alcohol in films is high, whether the film is made in Europe or the Americas. Even in countries where tobacco industry payment for product placement is prohibited by law, more than half of films contain tobacco, countries without these policies were even more likely to show tobacco use on screen. No country has implemented policies to reduce alcohol use in films, and alcohol use is universally high across all films.” The authors highlight that because young people have a stronger affinity with actors of their own nationality, the impact of smoking and alcohol use in nationally-produced films may be higher. Dr Thrasher adds: “Films are powerful vehicles for influencing behaviours. As recommended by the World Health Organization, governments seeking to reduce adolescent smoking should consider no longer funding national films that portray tobacco use.”

Source: Medical News Today