Pets in smoking households are at greater risk ofRead-in-Urdu
weight gaining, cell damaging and some cancers.

Pet’s health and Smoking

     Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the world. Many studies have conducted in US and they have revealed that around 1 in 5 deaths annually causes due to smoking in US. It is not only smokers themselves who are at danger of such conditions; studies have revealed that since 1964, around 2.5 million non-smokers in the US have died from exposure to secondhand smoke and non smoker can be your pets. A researcher professor Clare Knottenbelt, has studied on small animals on dogs and cats and has suggested that that dogs and cats living in a smoking household ingest a high amount of tobacco smoke. Prof. Knottenbelt also analyzed the nicotine levels in the animals' fur and looked at whether such levels were associated with any health problems. Additionally, they assessed the testicles of dogs following castration in order to identify any signs of cell damage.

     The researcher suggests that pets may even be at greater risk of health problems from smoke exposure than children in smoking households, noting that because pets are lower in height, they are more likely to ingest third-hand smoke – that is, tobacco chemicals present in carpets and other surfaces. However, the researchers also found that these risks reduced when owners smoked outside, therefore reducing the amount of smoke their pets ingested.


Source: Medical News Today