Physical exercise can help reduceRead-in-Urdu
the rate of cardiovascular problems in
individuals suffering from Depression.

Exercise Reduces Risk of Heart Problems in Depressed People

     A recent study has provided evidence that physical exercise can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease in individuals who are faced with depressive disorders. Studies have indicated that people with depression are at a greater risk of developing heart disease and other related physical problems. Around 20% of people who are hospitalized due to a heart attack, have been found to be suffering from depression. This coupled with the fact that in America alone, as estimated 14.8 million people above the age of 18 are affected by major depressive disorder, raises a lot of alarm.

     The research included 965 people with an average age of 49, who did not have either heart disease or any other mental health diagnosis including depression. The participants were first asked to fill a detailed questionnaire regarding their level of depression and physical activity. In addition, early indicators of heart disease such as artery stiffening and inflammation were also measured. The results of the study showed that those who were physically inactive were most likely to experience such early indicator of heart disease in comparison to those who exercised on a regular basis.  

     The results of the research highlighted the relationship that exists between major depressive disorder and cardiovascular diseases. In light of these findings, the researchers recommend that people should have regular assessment conducted of their depressive symptoms in order to reduce the risk for developing cardiovascular problems. They also suggest increasing one’s level of physical activity to help the body fulfil its natural function of biochemical movement and in order to regulate one’s move and anxiety.

Source: Latinos health