A 28 years old insurance worker in England wasRead-in-Urdu
so obsessed on energy drinks so much so that
he spent $114 every week on those energy drinks.

Energy Drink Addict Suffers From Heart Attack

     Martin Bowling collapsed at “The Bull pub in Romford” on 1st June and suffered heart attack after drinking eight energy drinks. He was then brought to Queen’s Hospital, with extremely high caffeine levels found in his bloodstream. He was watching a boxing match at the time, and he did not practice any warning signs and did not know what was happening even if there was physical pain.

     According to him “I just remember hitting the floor and waking up in the hospital. Now I see those drinks as death in a can,” he recounted, due to his dangerous addiction to the relatively affordable price of and easy access to energy drinks. When he was 21 he recall his gradual increase in his consumption. He said “Sometimes I could find myself in arguments if I hadn’t had one,” also he said that energy drinks helped him in sleep, and that he craved one even while warned by doctors that elevated caffeine levels were fueling his attachment to those cans. Victoria Taylor of the British Heart Foundation warned that children and young adults are especially at risk of caffeine addiction.

     According to Gavin Partington of the British Soft Drinks Association, consumers can find caffeine information on energy drink labels, with companies recommending moderate consumption. Energy drinks leads to heart disease, irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure. Study shows that drinking a 250 mm can was also found to increase blood “stickiness” and the risk for dangerous clots.

Source: TechTimes