Addicted people have problems in controllingRead-in-Urdu
their drug taking behavior. Many People thought
that first use of every drug is a controllable decision.

Drug Addiction

     Addicted people have problems in controlling their drug taking behavior. They seek out alcohol, drugs or other substances at any cost regardless thinking of its results that cause hurting family, damaging friendships, or losing jobs.

     There are two basic types of influence in development of an addiction. First type of influence is biological forces, such a person’s genetics. The second is environmental influences which include people’s early life experiences, interpersonal relationships, and culture can heavily influence us.

     People thought that first use of every drug is voluntary and controllable decision. But with the passage of time drug use continues, a person turns from being a voluntary to an obsessive drug user. This change occurs because over time, use of addictive drugs changes the brain in a destructive ways that results compulsive and even uncontrollable drug use. If drug use continues, pleasurable activities become less pleasurable, and taking drug becomes necessary for the user just to feel normal. And it causes a lot of problems for their loved ones and themselves. In the early stages of their drug use, some people may start taking more frequent doses to get high. By understanding the cause of the disease, we can develop treatments or even a cure. Similarly by understanding the causes of addiction, we can help someone recover from addiction.

Source: Arab news