Seven areas of human body functioning areRead-in-Urdu
directly affected by alcohol consumption

Alcohol can play havoc with people at their 40s

     A recent study conducted in London has revealed that people at the age of 40 are at the extremely high risk of experiencing the worst effects of alcohol consumption. The research has identified seven areas that can be affected by alcohol the most including brain, liver, heart, skin, fertility, cancer and weight.

     Alcohol tends to break through the nervous barriers in the brain and directly hits the brain nerves which increase the risk of developing severe anxiety and depression. It was also revealed in the study that both, chronic alcohol abusers and the ones who drink a bit too much in most of the days, are susceptible to develop several liver-related illnesses including liver cirrhosis or hepatitis. Heart failures or strokes were also identified as a result of regular binge drinking. Rosacea is another complication that comes with alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to get enlarged with more production of blood flow which can trigger Rosacea. It is a chronic skin disease which involves redness of the skin, swelling, and small bumps all over the skin.

     The process of natural hydration and radiance of skin also fade away due to excessive drinking. It was also highlighted in the study that high alcohol consumption leads to low release of testosterone which can result in the poor quality and quantity of sperm in men, leading towards their decreased chances of having a baby. The cancers of liver, throat, mouth, and bladder due to alcohol consumption were also identified in the research, regardless of the quantity of intake. Being extremely high in calories, alcohol increases the insulin level and fatty deposits in the liver which later heightens the fat storage around the stomach as well. Alcohol also decreases the release of a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for controlling appetite. This entire process leads the alcoholics to overeat while drinking, resulting in weight gain.

Source: Hungryforever