Taking the selfies and frequent posting, wouldRead-in-Urdu
soon be considered as a mental health issue
rather than just be a matter to be on a social media.

Selfie Addiction

     Through observations and latest researches, it has been brought into consideration that whether a person is going to office, shopping, wedding, dinner or lunch, or any occasion, she/he is very much interested to have a selfie first and share it on social media. Frequent posting of selfies on facebook, instgram, flicker, snapchat and whatsapp is becoming quite compulsive. Here the question arise that why people are becoming so much obsessed with this activity and does it give them any satisfaction.

     In order to find out the psychological perspective behind this action, psychologists from ​Germany and Poland, conducted a study in which they made the participants complete three personality tests: the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, the Extraversion Scale of the NEO-Five Factor Inventory, and the Murray Social Exhibitionism Index.

     They found out that men and women who scored high on Extraversion and Social exhibitionism posted more selfies. Even some of them later were tested on narcissism which supported the hypothesis, “People who compulsively take selfies and post them on social media do have narcissist personality”.

     In some of the studies the link between self esteem and posting frequent selfies has also been brought in to knowledge. Even to have the best and perfect selfie, there is a group of people who go for plastic surgeries and extensive makeovers. On the basis of this, this can be said that social media websites are making us more appearance conscious. It’s not too far, that the compulsive behaviors of taking the selfies will soon evolve from being a vanity issue to a mental health issue.

Source: yourtango