Adolescents with upper-middle socioeconomicRead-in-Urdu
class tend to get exposed to alcohol at an early
age with greater risk to develop alcohol-related
problems later in life

Affluent Teens are Susceptible to Develop Alcohol-Related Issues

     A recent study conducted in England on 120,000 adolescents has revealed that teenagers belonging to upper-middle socioeconomic class or affluent family background tend to drink alcohol on regular basis twice than those with lower socioeconomic status. The reason behind this ratio was attributed to the early-age alcohol exposure by seeing their elders drinking at social gatherings. The study further revealed that 70% of the teens with affluent family background reported to try drinking alcohol at the age of 15. It was also revealed that such adolescents also maintained their drinking habit in future as well which can be converted into addiction later on.

     The experts opined that such results are quite alarming as alcohol exposure at adolescence makes the individuals mentally susceptible, their decision-making abilities get deteriorated leading the teens to make poor decisions in life that they might regret upon afterwards. When it comes to alcohol-related medical issues, it was also highlighted that young individuals with the exposure to alcohol are at greater risk to develop around 60 medical complications with seven types of alcohol-related cancer as well.

Source: Techtimes