Addiction is problem of not only young ageRead-in-Urdu
only but also of older age and number
of older opioid addicts is increasing.

Is Addiction A Young Person’s Disease

     A recent study of An American Dr. Benjamin Han has shown very interesting and striking fact about the increase in the number of the patients who are under an opioid treatment at the age of 50s or more studies conducted in 1996 and then in 2012 has disclosed that the adults over 50s are majority of the under treatment patients population.

According to that study:

“People in their 50s made up 8% of opioid treatment patients in 1996 but by 2012 they made up whopping 36% of that population.”

     Similarly the ration of those who are in 60s or over has also remarkably increased. More over the research has also showed that Blacks are in highest % age among those who are under opioid treatment. It is observed that in past years the number of those patients, who were indulged in different disease caused by using drugs or opioid, was far less as compare to present contrary. The ratio of younger people under opioid treatment has been decreased. There is possibility of increase in the number of older addicts in coming future. That’s why a more round research in required for the causes and treatment of older opioid.

Courtesy: Keri Blakinger