Dependence on alcohol and other drugsRead-in-Urdu
is very common in Ireland. Doctors have
decided to take some initiatives.

Taking initiative in facing up to alcohol addiction

     Two people die every week in Ireland from over dosage of alcohol. Alcohol addiction is so prevalent in Irish society that many experts say we don’t even notice it any more. In fact, it is often change your lifestyle.

     In a survey it is found, two in five people believe that those who are addicted to or dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs should be able to stop if they are willing to. The same survey found that one in two people knows someone with an addiction or drug or alcohol dependency.

     The stigma for alcohol and drug abusers is huge and many of them have led a lifetime of exclusion and multiple traumas. We should offer belief and hope to those who come to in treatment. It should be an intensive full-time service with rapid access, yet some people take a year to come to us. The programme is not just for detoxification and chronic drinkers; it should also offer early intervention for moderate drinkers.

     A high proportion of drinkers are also depressed due to the effects of alcohol on their central nervous system. And they also have low self-esteem, mental health problems, social or housing problems or peers who sabotage change.

Source: Irish times