Through researches, it has been brought intoRead-in-Urdu
consideration that using 8-10 cups of caffeine
per day leads to caffeine addiction

Caffeine Addiction

     According to the latest news on caffeine intake this has been brought into consideration that many of the people do suffer with caffeine withdrawal symptoms and these are severe too. It has been noticed that when we talk about the caffeine addiction, some of the people make fun of it and just brush away the topic. But professor of Psychology Laura Juliano, PhD at the American University Washington DC has introduced a term “Caffeine Use Disorder”, as she has taken into account some of the serious symptoms related to caffeine withdrawals.

     Though caffeine is the most commonly used drug worldwide in the forms of coffee, tea and soda but some of the people go through really bad symptoms when they quit it. They go through physical aches and pains, emotional difficulties like agitation, poor concentration, heavy head, dizziness, sluggishness, and alertness problems. On these grounds, now American Psychiatric Association has recognized it as a serious matter related to mental health and promoted further researches in this respect.

     Further it has been reported that many of the people who consume 8-10 cups of tea or coffee per day really need therapeutic help to cut down the caffeine intake, as they go through real withdrawals after quitting this drug.

Source: Philly