Women must refrain from smoking duringRead-in-Urdu
pregnancy as it may harm the later-life
aerobic fitness of male offspring.

Maternal Smoking harms Aerobic Fitness

     It is well established that smoking during pregnancy can cause harm to both mother and baby. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), data for 2011 from 24 US states it was found that around 10% of women reported smoking during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Those mother who kept on smoking during pregnancy may impact the aerobic fitness of male offspring later in life. In a study the aerobic fitness of 508 men was assessed with an average age of 19 through a 12-minute running test, known as the Cooper test. Aerobic fitness includes the ability of the body to take in and use oxygen during aerobic exercise in order to supply energy to the muscle cells; the lower one’s aerobic fitness, the less oxygen the body ingests, include walking, jogging, running, swimming and cycling.

     The team found, men whose mothers smoked during pregnancy demonstrated lower aerobic fitness on the running test than those whose mothers did not smoke. In addition, the researchers identified lower aerobic fitness among men whose mothers experienced excessive weight gain during pregnancy but they found this risk was mediated through the weight of offspring. The findings add to growing evidence of the long-term health risks maternal smoking can have on children’s health, emphasizing the need for expectant mothers to quit the habit.

Source: Medical News Today